LINKS not only has art for sale but is happy to be part of the Art world.   We have started to put together a list of links related to the art world starting with Art Associations and moving onto Art Galleries.  We will be continually updating the page with new ones as we find them. There are many sites that have art for sale (mainly galleries), but there are many that have the sole purpose of making the arts available to everyone!  These sites provide information, events, education and many other things about the art world bringing ‘Art Awareness’ to the masses.  We do check our links frequently, but if you notice any links that are no longer working, please feel free to stop by our Contact page and let us know!




Belleville Art Association

Kingston Arts Council

Quinte Arts Council

Spirit of the Hills – Northumberland Hills Art Association

Central Ontario Art Association

East Central Ontario Art Association

Northern Ontario Art Association

Women’s Art Association of Canada

Ottawa Art Association

The Ontario Art Education Association

Manotick Art Association

Burlington Fine Arts Association

Ottawa West Arts Association

Oshawa Art Association

Ontario Links



A Space Gallery

Angell Gallery

Art Gallery of Mississauga

Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Avenue Gallery

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Art Gallery of York University

Art on Main

Art Mode Gallery

Arta Gallery

Bau-XI Gallery

Belleville Library – John M. Parrott Art Gallery

Blackwood Gallery

Canvas Gallery

Carleton University Art Gallery

Christopher Cutts Gallery

Cline Roenisch Gallery

David Kaye Gallery

Denison Gallery

Diaz Contemporary Gallery

Edward Day Gallery

Engine Gallery

Envers Chapin Gallery

Feheley Fine Arts

Ferneyhough Gallery

Galerie Jean-Claude Bergeron

Galerie St Laurent Plus Hill

Gallery 101

Gallery 121

Gallery 1313

Gallery 260

Gallery Moos

Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant

Ingram Gallery

Kanata Civic Art Gallery

Kinsman Robinson Galleries

Koffler Arts

La Petite Mort Gallery

Le Gallery

Liss Gallery

Loch Gallery

Lonsdale Gallery

Loop Gallery

Mayberry Fine Art

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Michael Gibson Gallery

Mira Godard Gallery

Monte Clark Gallery

National Gallery of Canada

Nepean Fine Arts League

Oakville Galleries

Odon Wagner Gallery

Olga Korper Gallery

Ottawa Art Gallery

PAMA – Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives

Patrick Mikhail Gallery

The Redhead Gallery

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Roberts Gallery

Rothwell Gallery

Sandra Ainsley Gallery

Shenkman Arts Centre

Stuart Jackson Gallery

Susan Hobbs Gallery

Thielsen Gallery

Thompson Landry Gallery

Trias Gallery

Wallack Galleries

White Water Gallery

W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery

Wellington Gallery

Wynick/Tuck Gallery



Joy of the Eternal Now by Alice Asmar at ArtFINDca link          Lute Player by Amos Yaskil at ArtFINDca link          Orange Crush by Andre Miripolsky at ArtFINDca link          Untitled by Anton Cetin at ArtFINDca link          Afternoon Rest by Arnold Nogy at ArtFINDca link

The Blade by Barry Barnett at ArtFINDca link          Summer Painting by Beverly Rodin at ArtFINDca link          Untitled by Blair Paul at ArtFINDca link          Kevins Dock by Bruce St Clair at ArtFINDca link          Plate XXIII Red Box Coordinate by Carl Beam at ArtFINDca link

Away in the Day by Carol Ann Shelton at ArtFINDca link          The Seventh Day by Charles Bragg at ArtFINDca link          Frog Face by Charles Lynn Bragg at ArtFINDca link          Story Time by Claudia McCabe at ArtFINDca link          Duck Pear by Daniel Marshall at ArtFINDca link

Untitled by Dmitry Korman at ArtFINDca link          River Otter by Dwayne Harty at ArtFINDca link          Sandcastles by Elizabeth Jackson at ArtFINDca link          Farmers Dancing by Elke Sommer at ArtFINDca link          Yukon Raft by Fran Bull at ArtFindca link

Untitled by Gary Silverberg at ArtFINDca link          Solitude by Georgia Youngs at ArtFINDca link          Calvary Charge by Harry Schaare at ArtFindca link          Sunset by Jack Radetsky at ArtFINDca link          Woodland Retreat by Jake Vandenbrink at ArtFINDca link

Untitled by Jane Burns at ArtFINDca link          Talking to My Ancestors by Jay Redbird at ArtFINDca link          Memories Of Lake Huron by Jill Segal at ArtFINDca link          White Buffalo Calf Woman by Jim Poitras at ArtFINDca link          Untitled by Jiri Ladocha at ArtFINDca link

Mohawk State II by Joan Melnick at ArtFINDca link          Untitled by Joseph Drapell at ArtFINDca link          Untitled by Juan Gallegos at ArtFINDca link          Amazing Sunflower by Lila Lewis Irving at ArtFINDca link          Tropical Leaves by Linda Bastian at ArtFINDca link

Wild Turkey by Martin Barooshian at ArtFINDca link          Arch Enemy by Michael Knigin at ArtFINDca link          Farmers Road by Norman Richard Brown at ArtFINDca link          Lillies Carnations Stones by Rainer Gross at ArtFINDca link          Winter Story by Rajka Kupesic at ArtFINDca link

Fairy Trees by Richard Stipl at ArtFINDca link          Grand Canyon Suite II by Roy Purcell at ArtFINDca link          Just Passing Through by Rudolf Stussi at ArtFINDca link          Milk Jug by Sandra Lawrence at ArtFINDca link          Untitled by Simon Andrew at ArtFINDca link

Impatience of the Rut by Thomas Quinn at ArtFINDca link          Oil Well by Tom Blackwell at ArtFINDca link          Entrophy by Tony Bechera at ArtFINDca link          Brothers by Tony Bianco at ArtFINDca link          Blue City Seafront by Wayne Ensrud at ArtFINDca link

                                                                                                                      Following the Leader by Zora Buchanan at ArtFINDca link


Native Spanish Tapas com at ArtFINDca

Check out our wonderful friends Native Spanish Tapas in Spain!

“The Best Tapas Tour in Madrid”

As we mentioned, there will be links added continually over time as we find them, including ones for Museums, Education etc.