About ourselves here at ArtFind.ca. We offer a large collection of quality art (including Originals, Limited Edition Prints, Artists Proofs, Re-Marquees, etc.) from an extensive list of exceptional artists from all over the world.

We provide direct sales, inventory control, shipping, handling and billing of a consignment in excess of 18,000 pieces.

Our site provides user friendly “Shop” and “Search” functions that make it easy for you to find that perfect piece of art.  You can place the order for yourself, or have it sent to someone as a gift (which includes a free gift card and gallery wrap!)

We are based in Saskatchewan, Canada with an administration team in Ontario, Canada.

We are dedicated to providing top quality art at very affordable prices internationally to all buyers from individuals looking for a special piece to gift to a friend or loved one, to the serious collector, corporation, fundraiser, gallery owner and everyone in between.

If after viewing our site, you find you require additional information or more personal service, please email me directly and I will respond quickly to your inquiries and feedback.  

I am looking forward to hearing questions, comments and feedback.  Thank you for visiting our site.

From myself and everyone here we’d like to say welcome to ArtFIND.ca.



Brian Todd Waite